Recent Quantum Theory suggests that light information is not lost or swallowed in a Black Hole but it is saved at the area of the event horizon at a format as a hologram of particles inbox (super translations). Plato, in Chapter 7, 526d-527b of the Republic, comments on the study of Geometry. If, in Quantum Theory we replace the referent of a Black Hole with film surface, and, in Plato’s text we replace Geometry with Photography, we get a hologram of light information saved on the film’s surface and a photographic substance that is not “part of a case of creation and damage”. Indeed, light is ever-existing.

“What we should focus on is whether the main part of this study and the most advanced, is tending to the One, meaning, to make the viewing of the notion of ‘Agathon’ easier. The one that soul must see by any means.

So, if geometry, forces soul to look at the genuine and authentic reality,
then is appropriate. If it forces soul to look at the world of process,
then it is not appropriate.

The ones who have geometry as a profession are speaking of it in a really funny and incomplete way. They talk about squares, constructions and adding of sizes, as if they have to do with something practical.

In reality the absolute object of this study is knowledge.
Knowledge of what has an eternal substance and not of that which at some moment could be part of a case of creation and damage.

Geometric knowledge is something ever-existing.”

Plato, Republic 7, 526d-527b

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