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Dorje of Vajra is a buddhist ritual object that carries multiple symbolism: the diamond, the thunderbolt, the male organ, skilful means, compassion, the primordial nature of the universe are some of its attributes. “Τhe dorje can be traced to extreme antiquity. It grew out of the fertilising lightning bolt of the male sky gods. The trantricists believe that emptiness, the substance of phenomena, is the only constant in cosmos. The vajra has come to suggest the immutable, awakened, empty self”.

The pair of dorje is the sound of bell. It represents female wisdom and stands for transience. ” The sound it emits is perishable; it is perceived but it may not be kept. All things are perishable; they exist through the senses of the observer but have in themselves no reality.”

The way that ritual object dorje is introduced here is not a description because it cannot be described. It is an effort to share information about matter, an introduction to things that are met behind the forms, a situation that one can experience. The photograph, the reflection of the physical object Dorje, is there to remind us that the world we interpret as real is just a reflection of reality.

Τhe dorje is empty. Ιt can be experienced inside one’s body, everywhere, without moving at all. Τhere is a whole universe hidden in it.

Useful Reference : Hugh R. Downs, Rhythms of  a Himalayan Village.

Mirror Dorje. 2015-0
Kaathe Swyambhu Shee Chaitya. 2014--1
Neelayu Bodhisatva. 2014 –-2
Kwa Bahal dorjee. 2014--3
The ground dorjee of Swayambhunath. 2014 –-4
Ιnterior, 2min Sample. 2014 –-5