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Mountain Liberation Front Declaration

MLF liberates holy mountains that experience restrictions just like humans for hundreds of years. The holy mountains are liberated to remind us of our primordial right to move freely on Earth. Anyone who wishes to liberate more mountains according to the values of freedom of movement and equal rights can use the name of MLF for the action.

Part 1, Machapuchare

Machapuchare (6993m) is a mountain in north-central nepali Himalayas. She has been declared a sacred mountain and has never been summited . Machapuchare is liberated because the authorities do not approve her visa and she is not allowed to travel. Similar restrictions apply to most of the Nepali people unless they have full bank account, permanent employment and other criteria to meet the heavy bureaucracy. Her freedom reminds us that none should be judged by surnames, nationalities and bank accounts.

Part 2, Athos

Athos, (2030m) is situated in North Greece. It is also called Agio Oros – the Holy Mountain because it has been known as a place of retreat since 4th century AD. After a byzantine emperor formed a prohibition for women to enter the peninsula of the mountain in 1046 B.C., no woman can access the 336km2 of land that is run from greek Orthodox church. Athos is liberated from the strict monastic life that others imposed on him. His freedom is a reminder that holiness and sacredness are not issues of the body but of the spirit.

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Machapuchare. 2011-1
Machapuchare free, 40″ video. 2015-2
Athos. 2010-3